Driving with the Top Down by: Beth Harbison

Driving with the Top Down

I listened to this book on audio and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This is a story about three women, two near 40 and one 16 year old that have found themselves to be on a road trip together.  What each one doesn’t know is how much they need each other in their lives at this very moment.

I loved each of the characters and their unique personalities.  Tamara is a rebellious teenager who is just looking for guidance.  Bitty is a women who has been hurt in such an emotional way, that she is looking to take the easy way out.  Colleen is a mother and small business owner who has regrets about her life and struggles with getting over it.

This was entertaining to listen to although there were a few explicit parts that made me blush and lower the volume in my car in case other cars that were next to me could hear it.  Sometimes, I make myself laugh.

I gave this book 5 crowns.


Book #2 for the 2018 Beat the Backlist Challenge.


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