Non- Fic Nov

I am participating in Non-Fiction November.  Olive from the booktube channel, A Book Olive, created this a few years ago and I am excited to take part it in this year.  Here is the link to her YouTube video

She has come up with several prompts this year and they are:

1. Past time/Pastime

2. Self/Shelf

3. Wander/Wonder

4. Micro/Macro

You only need to pick 1 challenge from each group if you want to and you can interpret them in any way you want.

Can you guess which of the above books are for which prompt?

Every November I read mostly books about food, either Non-Fiction or Fiction, this is my preferred topic.  3 out of the 4 Non-Fiction books pictured above are food related.  So let me tell you how they fit the challenges.

Pastime/ Past Time:  This is my only Non food related book on the list.

Pen & Ink I am using this to satisfy both Past Time and Pastime:  This is a book about Tattoos and what they mean to the people who have them.  I love tattoos (pastime) and this is about tattoos that are already done (past time).

Self/ Shelf:  Food Whore I am a foodie and I thought this was a hilarious description of myself.  I also have this on my TBR shelf.

Wander/ Wonder: Shark's Fin A story about eating in China (Wander) and a description of the difference in the way in which people eat in different countries (Wonder).

Micro/ Macro:  All or Nothing  Just the title alone was the perfect fit for this challenge.

I am so excited for November.  Will you be participating in Non-Fiction November?  What does your TBR look like?


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