Girl Watching You by: J. A. Schneider

A young woman, obsessed by a man she considers a predator, climbs a fire escape and thinks she sees a murder.

Out of work actress Ava Beck, reduced to working in a West Village flower shop, starts to watch womanizing hedge funder Peter Greer, who lives near. He likes to romance his girlfriends with flowers.

Ava notices bruises on his troubled-looking date named Chloe. Concerned, she follows them after work to Chloe’s studio, second floor in the rear of a brownstone. She hears them arguing, climbs up the fire escape just as Greer angrily sees her…and plunges into a world of stunning twists, murder and madness worse than any she could have imagined…

My Review

I love J. A. Schneider’s books. They are the perfect mix of background story and suspense. I am feel so connected to her characters and that makes the reading experience so much more enjoyable. Ava is a character that I wanted to hug and scream at all at the same time. This had my guessing until the end.

Grab this book right now!

I gave this book 5 crowns.

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