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Driving Heat by: Richard Castle


This is book 7 in the Nikki Heat series.  I enjoy this series and I loved the show.  These are fun, fast reads.  They always include a bit of drama as well as humor.

I won’t go into detail about this story because it is the 7th in the series.  Just know that all of your favorite characters are in this book!

I gave this book 5 crowns.


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Killer Ambition by: Marcia Clark


This is the 3rd book in the Rachel Knight series.  In this book Rachel and Bailey get involved in trying to find out who kidnapped the daughter of a very famous movie director.  Of course, nothing is as easy as it appears.  The cast of characters that surround this director on a daily basis is innumerable.

I love the way Marcia Clark writes and this is a great series.  I highly recommend that you pick up these books if you enjoy mysteries with  a bit of humor and a completely bad-ass female lead character.  Rachel Knight is totally in her element in this book as she is the prosecutor and this is very much a court house drama.

I gave this book 5 crowns.


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Untamed (Splintered 1.5, 3.5) by: A.G. Howard


This is a companion book comprised of novellas that take place between books 1 and 2 and then after book 3.  I liked reading the stories about what happened in between and after the series ended.  I enjoy A.G. Howard’s writing and her story telling abilities.  She has a way of transporting you to Wonderland with the characters.

This is an interesting read but not a necessary one to understand the story.  I am a fan of this series so for me, it is a must read.

I gave this companion collection 4 crowns.


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I Love You* *Subject to the following terms and conditions by: Erin Lyon and GIVEAWAY


Excerpt from:


By Erin Lyon

Forge Books, 2017

 From the rim of my glass, I noticed someone watching me. Why is he looking at me? I’m wearing my token. I looked down at my necklace— a gold feather quill with a diamond at the tip. He knows I’m taken— it’s not as though I intentionally left it at home.

He walked over and stood in front of me with his back to Logek (which is hardly ever the case, I might add). I had to do the quick math (sad, I know)—if I’m five foot nine and I’m wearing three- inch heels and he’s at least three inches taller than me . . . screw it. I can’t do math sober— now it’s pointless. Whatever, he’s tall. He’s got dark, dark hair and light eyes. We were in a bar so I couldn’t vouch for the eye color— either green, gray, or hazel, though. Big eyes. Perfect lips. Holy shit. He’s beautiful.

He held out his hand. Big hand, long fingers, tan. Gasp. I shook his hand, politely, because that’s what you would do when any man offers to shake your hand. Regardless of his movie- star quality.

“I’m Adam,” he said, in a deep voice. Figures. He does kinda make you think of original sin.

“Kate Shaw,” I said, trying to sound casual.

“Kate. I love that name.” I’m sure you do, incredibly hot guy, who is inexplicably hitting on me.

“Thank you,” I said, turning back toward the bar. Score one for Kate.

“What do you do?” he asked, seeming genuinely interested.

He’s good.

“I’m an out- of- work attorney,” I told him, with a quick nod and an ironic smile. “You?” “Oh . . . sorry,” he said, cringing slightly, acknowledging that he just stepped in it. “I’m in marketing.”

Of course he is. It’s pretty much the vortex that sucks up young, attractive men, giving them no actual job definition other than “marketing.” Translated as: I’m good at selling shit to people that don’t need it because I’m (incredibly) good looking. Oh, Adam. I am so onto your game.

I cocked an eyebrow at him. “ Really? Just marketing? That encompasses anything from being a sign spinner to being an advertising executive.”

He smiled. “I’m not a sign spinner,” he said. Shit. He has a dimple. Whatever. Jonathan is six feet, gorgeous; has dark Latino skin, black hair, dark eyes. Hot. All that on top of him being the love of my life. Like this guy is going to sway me.



27 Dresses meets Bridget Jones’s Diary for the millennial set in Erin Lyon’s I Love You Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions.

In a world where marriage doesn’t exist—only seven-year contracts—you don’t marry, you sign. You don’t divorce, you breach. And sometimes, you just expire.

Kate is struggling to find her footing. She gave up a career she hated to pursue the law, and now she’s buried in debt and unemployed. At least she’s signed to an amazing guy—hot, sweet, and committed.

Enter the contract killer, the man who pursues only signed women. No commitment, no hassle, all the fun. But Kate has enough fun on her plate… until her partner doesn’t re-up their contract.

After an epic but well-deserved meltdown, Kate gets practical. She accepts a job with her uncle’s law firm, practicing signing law—the one type of law she swore she’d never do. And the contract killer? Now that Kate is single, she’s no longer his type, but he still wants to be friends. Yeah, that’ll work. Kate may be heartbroken, but she’s not impervious to this sexy, smart, and complex man. But hey, it looks like he may not be impervious to her either—signed or not.

Hilariously relatable, with biting wit and charm, The Contract Killers is 27 Dresses meets Bridget Jones’s Diary for the millennial set.

This was such a fun, entertaining read.  It was really like a mix of Bridget Jones and 27 Dresses with a bit of Sex and the City thrown in.
I loved all of the characters in this story as they all brought something to it.  It is clearly the start of a great series but it left off on such a cliff hanger that I don’t really want to wait for the next one. Kate is going to be in one large mess in the installment I can already tell.
This is a great debut novel by Erin Lyon.  I gave it 5 crowns.  5_crowns
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ERIN LYON is a practicing attorney who spends her free time writing novels about lawyers. I Love You* Subject to the Following Terms and Conditions is her debut novel. Visit her online at:

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Shadows of the Stone Benders by: K. Patrick Donoghue


Description from the Publishers through Netgalley


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Ensnared by: A.G. Howard


This is the 3rd and final installment of the Splintered series minus a few novellas.  I listened to this this month and I really enjoyed it.

This particular installment includes all of the beloved characters that we met throughout the series and we focus a bit more on Alyssa’s dad.  They all work together, eventually to try to save Wonderland.

I do not want to get too into this story because it is the 3rd in the series but the love triangle is still there but is done in such a wonderful way, it doesn’t become a cliche.  I love this series and the cover art.  This is an awesome twist on the classic Alice in Wonderland story that I love!

I gave this book 5 crowns.


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Heartless by: Gail Carriger


Book #65 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks

This is the 4th book in the Parasol Protectorate series.  I was disappointed in the last book but did want to continue on with the story to see what would happen so I decided to listen to this on audio book.  I rather enjoyed the audio version of this story and I think that the series picked itself up from the last book.

In this book we find Alexia nearing the last month or so of her pregnancy and the way in which she is described as waddling around cracks me up.  I can picture her all decked out in a dress like the front cover but is much heavier in front due to the child she is carrying.   I love Biffy and Lord Akeldama as characters in the story and listening to the narrator take on the accent of Lord Maccon added to the experience.

Of course, there are situations in this book that Alexia must struggle to get out of but due to her condition, she must rely on some help.  I am so glad that the series became what it was originally and I will chalk up book 3 to the middle of the series syndrome.

I gave this book 4 crowns.


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