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Here and Gone By: Haylen Beck

Here and Gone

My Review:
This was an outstanding psychological thriller.  You know what is happening the whole time with all sides of the story but it is impossible to know if everything will be resolved at the end.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and could not put it down.   I highly recommend this novel.  I did not know anything about the author until I finished the story and saw that the author was a pseudonym for acclaimed author, Stuart Neville.
I gave this book 5 crowns.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review from

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16th Seduction by: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

16th Seduction

The Women’s Murder Club is at it again.  This is obviously the 16th book in the series and I loved it.  I will never grow tired of reading this series.  In this book, we read about a bombing of a local building and it hits home as to home realistic this is.  This can and unfortunately does happen all over the world.  In this particular case, Detective Lindsay Boxer is at the scene after the explosion and gets a confession from a man standing calmly in the midst of chaos.  Of course, this is too easy and the story moves on from there.

This was a bit different then the others in the series because it involves the court proceedings as the main focus.  I liked it.

I gave this book 5 crowns.


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The Empty Chair Murder in the Caribbean by: Penny Goetjen

The Empty Chair

Description from the publishers through Netgalley:

My Review:

This was an interesting story about a young woman who returns to St. Thomas because she received a phone call that told of her mother’s death.  This was well written and I found myself struggling to trust any of the characters.  Olivia was a bit frustrating at times because I felt as if she was being careless and not using her brain when it came to trusting everyone.

I enjoyed this story and the mystery of her mother’s disappearance and/or murder.  The twist of not really knowing if Olivia’s mother was alive or not made this story a bit different from other mystery novels I’ve read.

I gave this book 3 crowns.

3_crowns      pro_reader_120

I received this e-ARC from the Publishers through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Watching You by: J.A. Schneider

Watching You

Synopsis from Goodreads:

A serial killer texts his victims first. A detective vows revenge. He comes after her.

In the chill of an October night, Detective Kerri Blasco is called to a bizarre murder scene. Leda Winfield, a young volunteer for the homeless, has been shot. Her cell phone displays the frightening text, WATCHING YOU, and into her back, hideously pushed with a hat pin, is a note with the same awful message. Leda’s socialite family and friends insist that no one would have wanted to harm her, but Detective Kerri isn’t convinced.

Until another random young woman is killed in exactly the same way. Kerri and her team profile a monstrous killer who enjoys terrifying his victims before stalking and killing them. But how does he get their phone numbers?

Kerri soon finds that the killer is after her, too, and that the key to finding him may just be in the homeless shelter. When the body count rises, she vows to stop the madman – even if it means battling her own personal trauma, risking her job, her love relationship with her boss Alex Brand, and her life.

My Review:

This is the 3rd book in the Kerri Blasco series and the second one that I have read and I have found a new favorite detective.  Kerri is a stubborn but caring detective who trusts her gut and her smarts to get the case closed.

I loved this book as much as I loved the other book I read in this series.  They are each different and don’t cover the same crimes over and over again like some series do.  This was another page turner and I was biting my nails until the very end.  I love the added relationship between Kerri and Alex as well.

This particular book had an element of parts of the story being told from the point of view of the stalker/killer.  Caroline Kepnes’ You was praised for this but I though this was done better.

Thank you to the author for sending me an electronic copy for review!

I gave this book 5 crowns.


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No Loose Ends by: Thomas Hall

No Loose Ends

Synopsis from the publisher:

Walker and Munoz are back… and this time it’s personal.
When Maddie Walker’s friend, Samantha “Sam” Daniels, fails to show up for a final exam and a community service project, the teenager is convinced that something is seriously wrong, and takes it upon herself to look into it. She initially lies to her father and puts herself in a potentially dangerous situation. When all of her efforts fail to uncover Sam’s whereabouts, Maddie finally asks her father, retired FBI agent Craig Walker, to look into her friend’s disappearance. After venting his parental frustration over his daughter’s uncharacteristic behavior, Walker listens to Maddie’s concerns and eventually agrees to launch his own investigation – primarily to assuage his daughter’s worries.


My Review:

This book is my type of book.  I love the crime, mystery, thriller genre and this book did not disappoint.  This is the second book in the series but works as a stand alone novel as well.  I didn’t read the first book and was not at all lost while reading this book.

This book had everything I look for when reading this genre.  There were characters that were determined and headstrong as well as characters I loved to hate.  There wasn’t any gore in the book and that was refreshing.  It was a page turner and kept me interesting until the very last page.

I am so glad that I was offered this book for review and that I accepted.  Thank you to the author for sending me a copy.

I gave this book 5 crowns.


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The Competition by: Marcia Clark

The Competition

This is book 4 in the Rachel Knight series and I think it was my favorite.  I have always been interested in reading about school shootings and the psychology involved in “understanding” the killers.  I know this sounds weird and disturbing but don’t forget my educational background is school counseling.

I love the characters of Rachel Knight and friend Bailey.  They make a great team and compliment each other’s personalities nicely.  I listened to this book on audio and I was so invested in the story I was talking aloud to the book in my car.

Marcia Clark’s background lends to making this book procedurally accurate and very readable.  I highly recommend this series, especially if you are a fan of a strong female protagonist.

I gave this book 5 crowns.


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Lola by: Melissa Scrivner Love


My Review:
This is a debut novel?!  WHAT?!  How can it be?  This book is written as if the author has been writing stories like James Patterson does ( I mean this as a compliment).  I am in love with this author and her style.
This is a fantastic book that made me love and hate Lola all at the same time.  She is a bad ass gang leader with a caring heart when she needs it.  I couldn’t get enough of this story.  It was intense and pulled at my heart strings a bit as well.
Be forewarned, if drug use and sales, gang violence, sexual abuse and rape are triggers for you, this may not be for you.  However, the story is so compelling that those situations fit right into the story line.
I am a fan of Melissa Scrivner Love and will be on the lookout for her next book.
I gave this book 5 crowns.
I received this book from the Publishers through in exchange for an honest review.

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