About Me and My Blog

I am a thirty-something wife and mother.  I work in the higher education system and I love to read.  I have always been an avid reader and enjoy discussing books with others.  Although fiction is my main genre of interest, I am not afraid to branch out and read other genres.

I have been writing book reviews and interviewing authors since 2009.  I love to read and working for Book Club Queen gave me a unique opportunity to work with the authors of some amazing books.  I have now started my own blog but I still work closely with Book Club Queen.  I may post interviews with some authors as well as my review of their books.    I will incorporate the Book Club crown system into my posts, it follows the same setup as the Goodreads star system.  I will always give my honest opinions about the books that I read, even if it means it wasn’t necessarily my type of book.  I hope to hear from other readers so that I can learn from them about different books that I can read.

If you know of a book or are a publicist and have a book for me to read and review feel free to contact me at bcqqueeniec@aol.com.

Happy Reading!



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