Gracier by: Milissa R. Bailey

     I feel as if I have just returned from a trip to Gracier, Iowa.  I have met and made a new friend in Jessica McCabe and have heard about her struggles.  I have met the Doctor in Gracier who would do anything to protect Jessica as if she was his own daughter.  I learned of the secrets that were kept hidden in order to protect those families of Gracier.  I met Matthew and Steven and Sam and have heard their side of the story.

Milissa has written a wonderful book and I did not want it to end.  The farmland of Gracier has held its’ share of secrets and it was time for them to be exposed.  Jessica was the granddaughter of the beloved veterinarian and upon his death, she returned to take his place.  While there, Jessica had to uncover some truths about her life that she wasn’t necessarily ready to face.

This book is wonderfully written and I did not want to put it down.  I felt as if I traveled to Iowa and met these people in person.  I highly recommend this book to individuals and book club groups alike.  I can not wait until the next in the series comes out.  I give this book 5 crowns.


Caught in a Web: Changed by Destiny by: Ethel Oden

Caught in a Web: Changed by Destiny     Ethel tells her story of abuse in this non-fiction book.  It is merely 100 pages but she is able to express herself and her struggles in those pages.  The writing is simple but the point is clear.

Ethel grew up in an abusive home and she had no one to turn to.  When she moved out of her house, she moved out of her state too.  She thought that by leaving everything and everyone, she would be able to move past her struggles.  However, as most of us know, sometimes our struggles follow us.  Her life choices reflected her past abusive and it took a while for her to come away from that.

She does reconnect with her sister and she finds help in divine ways.  She turns to her faith in order to survive.

12th of Never By: James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

Image   The Women’s Murder Club is one of my favorite mystery series.  I have been a devoted follower from book 1; 1st to Die.  The books grab hold of me and take me to the crime scenes in San Fransico and I can’t book the book down until it ends.  The latest installment of The Women’s Murder Club does not disappoint.  Each book is better than the last.

In this book, Lindsay Boxer and her husband are trying to balance work and life as new parents.  Lindsay is faced with the decision to take this case and deal with the psychopath that keeps insisting that she be a part of every aspect of the case or be present for every moment of the roller coaster ride that she is facing with her infant daughter.

I highly recommend this series and keep reading until you finish the latest installment.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!